and they hide from my eyes

"And they hide from my eyes" is a line from Bob Dylan's song: Masters of War.
This work tells the stories we' re not allowed to hear: 
1. "Military Pier exporting Weapons" - A military pier in Italy, the eighties -
the laws in northern Europe forbid to export weapons to countries in war.
Italy had less severe laws, so they sold the weapons though Italy to Iran and Iraq.
2. Alfred Nobel's Garden. 
Alfred Nobel is known for inventing dynamite and establish a peace prize,
but who was the man Alfred Nobel, and how did he made his fortune?
Nobel played the key role in reshaping the former iron and steel producer Bofors
to a modern cannon manufacturer and chemical industry participant.
Until the first world war making money with war was not seen as morally unacceptable, 
but now it is common sense to whitewash a damaged reputation of a big multinational holding
with some "positive" actions.
3. "Place without description, description without place"
Surveying cameras in Belfast: the hated "big brother" is watching you everywhere, 
and increases tension. But survey is everywhere, in every place. Mostly less visible.
This are the times of survey, they made us believe that it protects us, 
but it protects us as much as the "protector" follows our interests.